ECO-Friendly Dry Cleaning
Sunset Cleaners uses high quality hydrocarbon solutions and soaps that are environmentally friendly, gentler on clothes and leave no dry cleaning odor. Our main plant features a new dry cleaning machine that use the most advanced technology for maintaining and recycling our cleaning solutions.

Shirt Laundering
We guarantee that all buttons will be intact, colors will be bright, whites will be white and all removable stains will be gone.

Same-Day Service
Drop off your dry cleaning on the way to work and pick it up on your way home. Service available Monday through Friday.

Too big, too small, too tight, too loose, too long, too short? Let us handle it. Whether it's a repair you need or just "a slight adjustment," we can take care of it for you.

Wedding Gowns & Formals
Wedding gowns and special event clothing receive special cleaning, finishing and our special packaging and preservation system. 

Leather & Suede Cleaning
There's nothing like the unique feel and character of leather!  From the buttery-soft feel of lamb skin to the durability of cowhide, you can restore the beauty and extend the life of your leather garments with regular care and proper leather dry cleaning

Fine Knits
Sweaters and knit garments are carefully measured prior to cleaning. After cleaning, your sweaters and knits are depilled, delinted and blocked to your original measurements.

Bed Linens
Flat and fitted sheets are washed and pressed. We use quality detergents and hot water to remove most soil, perspiration and impurities. 

Sunset Cleaners provides quality services for cleaning duvets, down filled comforters or standard comforters of all sizes. Whether they need wet cleaning or dry cleaning each item receives individual attention.

Fine Table Linens
Fine table linens are carefully inspected and stains are pretreated by hand, from gravy and oils to coffee, wine and wax. We know stains and we know what it takes to remove them. By providing both dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics that consumers believe have seen their day